Growth prospects for the Brazilian reinsurance market


  • Carlos Honorato Teixeira FIA
  • Mauro Wassilewsky Caetano FIA



In 2008, resolution 168 of the National Council of Private Insurance (CNSP) allowed international reinsurers to request authorization to operate in Brazil from the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP). This led to changes in the insurance and reinsurance markets. There is a lack of in-depth studies to evaluate the growth of the reinsurance market since its effective opening, taking into account macroeconomic factors and market reserve. This study aims to evaluate the size of the reinsurance market by examining: the main sectors of business that yield reinsurance, market concentration, share of GDP, and expectations for future growth. The main objective of this paper is to provide companies in the reinsurance segment with assistance in identifying the potential market, understanding its complexity: their main competitors, and possible operational niches. In addition, it provides new and existing reinsurers with an overview of difficulties in the market and the strategic positioning that the company must adopt in order to act more effectively within the industry. To achieve these goals, it analyzes the reinsurance market in detail, proposes methods or steps to take to define strategic positioning in the market, and offers a graphic "Performance vs. Importance Matrix." There is potential demand available to the insurance market which remains unmet. Despite the initial difficulties for companies operating in the sector, the market has demonstrated its potential for continued growth since its effective opening, which will ultimately attract reinsurers, making the market highly competitive.

Key words: Reinsurance. Insurance. Growth Perspective.


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Author Biography

Mauro Wassilewsky Caetano, FIA

Especialista em MBA Executivo Internacional



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Teixeira, C. H., & Caetano, M. W. (2011). Growth prospects for the Brazilian reinsurance market. Future Studies Research Journal: Trends and Strategies, 3(1), 169–200.