Focus and Scope


FUTURE is focused on the publication of technical-scientific works in the field of administration, having as a main subject future studies, trend analysis and strategy of organizations.


Disseminate the intellectual output of future studies and strategies of organizations, democratizing knowledge and enhancing novel academic researches and theoretical and empirical advances in the field of Administration.


• Promote intellectual production on issues related to future studies and strategy of organizations;

• Disseminate theoretical, methodological and empirical administration knowledge to communities of academic and professional background;

• Encourage creative and structured reflection on the future and its impact on the strategy of the organizations;

• Contribute to improvements in the processes of strategic management of organizations, through the identification of trends and changes in the environment. Target Audience FUTURE is directed to an audience of researchers, teachers, students and highly qualified decision makers working in the area of administration of public, private and third sectors, nationally and internationally.